I depict common, everyday objects, such as food and letters, often items associated with domestic life, nostalgia, or obsession. I want my work to allow viewers to reflect on our relationship towards those seemingly insignificant objects and to illustrate how the everyday influences behavior. Everyday objects are recreated & printed by hand in order to provoke connection to overlooked consumables.

I use paper and ink, in the form of printmaking, to create a large portion of or as a catalyst for my work. Sometimes the work is contained and hangs on a wall. Other times the work requires more active participation.

I am intrigued by how people use or interact with objects, as well as how we relate to one another. Are we connected or in complete disconnect or connected in disconnect?

Bonnie Kaye Whitfield is an printmaker, conceptual artist, & designer who currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.  She is a lead teaching artist for the Mural Arts Program, and is a Delphi teaching artist resident for the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Her studio is located at the Olivet Church Studios in Fairmount.  From 2010-13, she ran a small home textile design studio, Kaye Rachelle Designs. She holds BFA in Art Education from The University of Georgia and an MFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute.